3D Printer Repairs & Service

Contact 3D Printing Colorado for all of your 3D Printer repairs, calibrations & maintenance. We are also proficient in 3D Scanners and troubleshooting issues in production pipelines that are not producing great prints.

Just like owning and maintaining a car, it is imperative that you service your 3D printer regularly in order to avoid major malfunctions.  3D Printing Colorado offers 3D printer repairs, maintenance and calibrations to ensure that every time you use your machine, the result is a flawless product.  If you are starting to notice that your prints aren’t coming out as they should ideally look, please give us a call or fill out the contact form so that we can ensure that your 3D printer will be in great condition for years to come!

As a division of Laser Concepts, Inc. we have the additional expertise that comes from 15+ years of servicing printers and copiers and 20+ years of re-manufacturing toner cartridges. For example – the HP print heads in the ProJet 660 are staples of the 2D printing industry.

Trained and/or Certified on: MultiJet, ColorJet, FDM, Plastic Jet Printing including the 3DP1000, Artec Scanners, SpaceClaim, CAD, SOLIDWORKS and 3ds Max.
If you need any 3D Printing maintenance supplies, tools or printing consumables we can help with that as well.