About Us

3D Printing Colorado is the 3D Print lab at Laser Concepts. We have teamed-up with 3DSystems©, 3DP, Artec Group, SpaceClaim, GeoMagic, Cimatron  and others to provide Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region the best single-source solution for all of your 3D Printing & 3D Scanning needs. This includes CAD software to tie it all together and training to get you through the learning curve. These partnerships give our client’s access to top-of-the-line technology and a team of dedicated 3D Printing experts qualified to match your team with professional tools.

With onsite 3D Printers and a vast network of other additive manufacturing capabilities, we are a top-tier choice for all of your 3D Printing needs including 3D Scanning, CAD Software and Education.

Contact us today to collaborate with one of our 3D Professionals or Applications Engineers at (303) 466-0900 or info@3dprintingcolorado.com.

Laser Concepts is not new to the “print” industry. With over 26 years in the Printer and Toner business, we have seen technologies change substantially. Seeing the 5 HP 11 Printheads in the X60 ColorJet and the XEROX printhead in the ProJet 3500 is an amazing representation of this. Our Service Techs and Applications Engineers are the best in Colorado and improve print quality on everything they touch.

We are excited to offer 3D Printing products and service to the world as we understand the impacts it will have on businesses, innovation and product development.

Laser Concepts Proudly Offers: