DezignWorks for SOLIDWORKS

DezignWorks, the standard in reverse engineering for SOLIDWORKS.

SolidWorks Certified Gold ProductFeature-based reverse engineering, integrated inside SOLIDWORKS. DezignWorks automatically creates 2D and 3D features, incorporating its own cut and extrude command, Simply digitize the shape or your part and select the designated height or depth and a cut or extrude is completed. Complex 3D shapes are DezignWorks forte, a single or multiple planes can be selected and simply move the digitizer back and forth across the planes or faces and DezignWorks will capture the continuous movement of the probing/laser device and allows for interactive editing of complex curves. Data can be be added or subtracted during or after the operation with the DezignWorks Database Manager. DezignWorks insures that all geometric elements are parametric, fully editable, and conforming to the feature-based intelligence of SOLIDWORKS.


Real time Reverse Engineering can be achieved on multiple parts and assemblies.

DEZIGNWORKS for SOLIDWORKS R.E.All alignments and calibrations are stored with the part or the assembly. DezignWorks enhances the capabilities ofSOLIDWORKS with the addition of curve editing and measurement tools. Inspecting capabilities are obtained by using our simplified measurement tools. DezignWorks is fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS Allowing interactive editing and creation of sketch entities ( lines, arcs, curves, splines, points and planes ). The digitizer’s coordinate system is displayed for single and multiple alignments. Along with interactive display of the digitizers coordinate position and graphical point tracking in single or multiple views. Best of all since DezignWorks is a fully integrated SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner, DezignWorks is extremely easy-to-use. Proficient SOLIDWORKS users can be up and running in very short amount of time!