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3D Printing Colorado has multiple 3D Printers in our 3D Lab located in Broomfield, CO with the ability to print with hundreds of materials.  These powerful tools are warmed up, calibrated and ready to print your CAD files!  We will help you understand and choose the best printer and material(s) for your project to ensure a successful print – on time and on budget. Submit a Request A Quote Form and a 3D Printing Professional will contact you ASAP or give us a call and ask to talk to a 3D Printing Pro.

3D Printing Colorado 3D Lab

For our convenient On-Demand 3D printing services see below. We have setup an online quoting and ordering website to streamline the process of getting quotes and 3D printed parts fast – 24 hours a day.  This is your key to access the full line of 3D Systems Printers and printer technology including Direct Metal Printing.

3Dprinting.OnDemand On-Demand 3D Printing

Fast – Accurate – Affordable – On Demand

3D Printing Colorado offers 3D Printing Services and an online ordering and quoting tool.  From low-volume production runs to single prototypes we are your single source for 3D Printed parts.


  • Instant Online Quotes – 24-Hours a Day
  • Proven Processes
  • Professional Equipment & Materials
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Dedicated 3D Printing Specialist & Applications Engineer Assigned to Your Account
  • True to CAD Accuracy
  • New Client Discounts
  • Free Benchmark Prints for High-Volume Clients

How to Use the Free Ordering & Quoting Tool

Instant online quotes for 3D Printed Parts1.  Create an account 2.  Upload your files 3.  Select the 3D Printing process and materials that fit your needs 4.  Adjust 3D Printing technology and materials and get updated prices for comparisons 5.  Order your part – we’ll analyze your 3D CAD file and order to ensure quality and help clarify any questions you might have

Once you have an account and get familiar with our online part ordering process, you will be able to order 3D Printed parts in minutes.  Engineers, Architects, Product Designers, Medical Professionals and many others have taken advantage of our On Demand 3D Printing for a variety of professional applications and product prototypes.  Feel free to use your account to help you build quotes for your projects and research.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at (303) 466-0900.

Accepted File Formats for Instant Quoting:


3D Printing Colorado Supported File Formats:

  • SpaceClaim,  Inventor,  CATIA®,  SolidWorks®,  Pro/ENGINEER®  and 3DS Max,  Parasolids®,  ACIS®, STL,  SLDPRT,  PRT,  SLDASM,  CATPART,  CATPRODUCT,  IGS,  IGES,  STP,  STEP,  VDA,  ASM, X_T,  X_B,  SAT,  PAR,  PSM,  3DX,  WRL

Contact us for help with file conversions OnDemand

Which Technology Should I Use? Do you need help determining what types of 3D Printing technologies are available or help selecting the best additive manufacturing process for your parts?  Give us a call at (303) 466-0900 or use the contact form to get the conversation started.  We have helped many different companies in the Rocky Mountain Region understand additive manufacturing and can help you print the parts you need on time and on budget!

Printing Technologies

  • CNC Machined Parts
  • ColorJet Printing (CJP – ZPrint)
  • Low-Volume Injection Molds & Parts
  • Manufactured Plastic Prototypes (MPP)
  • Metal Casting
  • MultiJet Printing (MJP)
  • Plastic Jet Printing (PJP)
  • Production Injection Molds & Parts
  • Production Tools for Molders
  • ProJet Wax Patterns
  • Quick Sheet Metal™
  • QuickCast Patterns
  • QuickMetal™ – Plaster Mold Casting
  • QuickMold™ Tooling
  • QuickPlastic™ – Cast Urethane
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Voxeljet Patterns

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