ProJet® 3510 HDPlus


Professional 3D Printer

The ProJet 3510 HDPlus uses MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology to deliver high-quality, durable plastic parts. This model has three different resolution modes for printing concept models, verification prototypes and patterns for pre-production and manufacturing. This 3D printer features a 60% expanded, high-definition build envelope and advanced print detail output compared to the 3510 SD and HD models.

A 16-micron print resolution delivers exceptional parts with unmatched micro-detail and surface quality using the VisiJet materials. These UV-cured plastic materials are available in a range of colors, translucencies and tensile strengths, with melt-away white wax as support material.

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Build high-definition, hard plastic parts with impressive dimension and detail, with a bigger high-def build envelope, 3 different resolution modes and 16 micron print resolution

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