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geomagic-for-solidworks-buttonGeomagic® for SOLIDWORKS® delivers the seamless ability to 3D scan directly into SOLIDWORKS and use integrated industry proven toolsets to create solid models directly and accurately in your design environment. Learn More

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designxbuttonThere is simply no faster way to get from unprocessed 3D scans to complete, feature-based solid models. Design X’s redesign tools save hours or days of work compared to reverse engineering using regular CAD software. Learn More

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Geomagic Wrap delivers the most easy-to-use, affordable, fast, accurate path from point clouds to 3D polygonal and surface models that can be used instantly in downstream engineering, manufacturing, engineering, and more. Learn More

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freeformbuttonThe industry’s most comprehensive organic 3D engineering tools deliver a perfect delta between art and engineering, combining touch-based sculpting, surfacing, 3D Scan processing, CAD interoperability and mold making. Learn More

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Create exactly what you want. With Sculpt you can harness the power of virtual clay to easily create exquisitely complex and organic forms. Sculpt is incredibly intuitive. Learn More

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Geomagic Haptic Devices:


This entry-level touch haptic device works with Cubify Sculpt, Geomagic Sculpt and Freeform products. With a generous active workspace and USB connectivity, this device represents the latest generation of 3D Systems haptic devices. Learn More

Geomagic Touch 3D stylus – PDF



Geomagic Touch & Geomagic Touch X can be used in diverse applications, including: simulation, training, rehearsal, virtual assembly, machine interface design, rehabilitation, mapping and dozens of other applications. Learn More

Geomagic Touch & Touch X – PDF


Geomagic Capture:


Bring physical objects directly into CAD, supercharge your product development process, and automate precise 3D inspection with Geomagic Capture – the powerful, integrated, industrial-grade 3D scanner and software system. Learn More

Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner – PDF