ProX™ 800


Production 3D Printer

The new state-of-the-art ProX 800 is the most advanced plastic part 3D printing technology for printing the highest precision, highest resolution, lowest cost and highest volume output across the widest range of addressable applications for prototyping, direct and indirect manufacturing.

The engineers at 3D Systems have implemented new laser print head and print material management systems to lower total cost of ownership for these workhorse printers. Through creative new architecture, the overall machine dimensions have been dramatically reduced, saving up to 50% floorspace without sacrificing print volume or maximum part size capabilities. Additional improvements boost printer utilization rates to new levels to maximize investment value.

The ProX 800 is available immediately.

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  • Highest precision and accuracy in 3D printing, typically exceeding injection molding results
  • Highest resolution and sharpest detail in 3D printer by a factor of 5X
  • Widest range of functional print materials supports widest range of applications and product requirements
  • Lowest part costs including lowest total cost of operation for high-capacity 3D printing
  • Workhorse with proven high-duty performance and reliability for maximum production and efficiency
  • Unchallenged technology leader for high demanding plastic prototyping in aerospace, automotive, defense, medical device and quick-turn service bureau manufacturing

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